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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

the Android Accessibility Help Center

If you are a new Android user, or if you are curious about all of the accessibility options that Android has to offer, you can now get the information you need by visiting the Android Accessibility Help Center. The website provides information about: general android accessibility, TalkBack, Accessibility features common to applications, BrailleBack, and Android updates.


Anonymous said...

I got the help that I need from the center

Anonymous said...

hello I use this android gist&i no how to turn on my accessibility feachers whin I fatery reset my phone. thanks Patric and the hole senter. for this! now I no the gist

Anonymous said...

hello sometimes I have trouble turning on talkback for my optmistd but a T-Mobile rep walk't mee thru it 1by1 now I no the gist. on android