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Thursday, August 25, 2011

AT Videos from WebAxe

Here's a great list of videos and YouTube channels about web accessibility, assistive technology, and more. And from some excellent sources!

Adaptive Technology Training Videos from CAP.MIL

The Computer Electronic Accomodations Program at the Department of Defense has some great AT training videos:

CAP has a number of resources that can inform you about assistive technology (AT) and ergonomics. Our AT Demonstration videos can provide information about the different types of accommodations and how these solutions help employees with disabilities. We've included links to some helpful AT documents with information about what is available for certain networks and agencies. We also have information about workplace ergonomics to help you set your workspace up in a manner that can help to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Updated Audio Tutorial for the Victor Stream

HumanWare is pleased to release an updated audio tutorial for the Stream.
It is available for download from:

On that page, look under the English heading for a zip download of the audio tutorial files.

This tutorial is very comprehensive , covering basic and advanced features of the Stream. It is approximately 5.5 hours in length with 21 different sections. Here is a list of the topics covered:
01 - Introduction
02 - Player Overview
03 - Bookshelves
03.1 - Exploring SD Card Bookshelves
03.2 - Transferring Content to SD Card Bookshelves
04 - Playback and Navigation
04.1 - Playing and Copying USB External Media
05 - Voice Recordings
06 - Bookmarks
07 - NLS, Stream Activation, and BARD Book Download
07.1 - Transferring a DAISY Book Using Companion
08 - Bookshare Online Books
08.1 - Companion Online Books Menu
09 - Advanced Features, Multi-Level Bookshelf
09.1 - Advanced Features, Music Navigation and Temporary Playlist
09.2 - Advanced Features, Text Search
10 - HumanWare Companion Overview and Installation
10.1 - Book Transfer Window and Companion Menus
10.2 - Companion Transferr of TXT, HTML, DOC, and PDF Files
10.3 - Transfer a DAISY CD Book with Companion
10.4 - Using Companion to Get Software Updates

The download is a zip file of approximately 225MB. If you unzip the Stream Audio Tutorial folder into your $VROtherBooks folder then you can navigate backward or forward through the tutorial sections using the 4 and 6 keys of your Stream.

If you are new to the Stream sections 1 to 6 will help you get started.
Seasoned Streamers may wish to investigate advanced features of section 9. The HumanWare Companion is appreciated by so many that we have devoted the entire section 10 to the features of the Companion. For new or seasoned Streamers alike we believe there is something of interest for all. We hope you enjoy the new tutorial with our compliments.