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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Events in August

Saturday Technology Training Sessions will be canceled in August for vacation.
AccessibilityDC will still meet on the third Tuesday August 17th, 6:30-8:30pm

More Top Tech Tidbits

Sorry to post so many Top Tech Tidbits, they are just so good.

1) Thunder was perhaps the first free non-Internet-dependent screen reader. Development on it continues with version 2, which works with Windows 7 and Office 2007, and now supports Internet Explorer. the portable version can be installed on any computer. Greek, Polish and Spanish versions are coming. You can visit the blog at
and download the screen reader here:

2) Cobra, a screen reader from Baum in Germany, is now at version 9. It claims great stability, use of OCR to access otherwise inaccessible screen elements, and a more reasonable price, 499 euros, or some $625. A 30-minute demo version is available, and it offers speech-braille, speech-magnifier, or full configuration versions.

3) If you have, or are willing to sign up for, a Windows Live or Hotmail account, you can get 25 GB of free online storage through Microsoft SkyDrive. Gizmo tells us of a freer utility to make your SkyDrive show up as a regular drive on your computer, for easy data transfer.
4) Listen to yours truly discuss the current accessibility, promise and challenges of speech recognition such as Windows Speech Recognition and Dragon Naturally Speaking, for the blind, on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 20 July at 00:00.

5) On the speech recognition front, JSay version 8 is now available. This package integrates JAWS version 11 with Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.1, and offers full compatibility with Windows 7 32 and 64-bit versions and with all JAWS features including ResearchIt.
6) The July, 2010 issue of AccessWorld from American Foundation for the Blind is now available, featuring reviews of the iPad, Refresh-a-Braille, I-Pal Solo and I-Pal LV, several articles about access technology in school, and more.

7) Members of the free Klango network who are members of Facebook have access to a Facebook client which is said to be much more accessible than the usual one.

8) Here is a YouTube video showing Window-Eyes' support forr Office 2010.
9) Serotek offers 20 interviews with vendors at the American Council of the Blind convention:
10) Humanware has announced the availability of Map Manager 2.0.9 and Trekker Maps 3.2 for the Trekker and Trekker Breeze.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top Tech Tidbits

1) If you are eligible for Bookshare and haven't been keeping up with the collection, you will find that they have added hundreds of computer-related publications. Those from oReilly Books may be available to users in Canada, Great Britain and India.

2) NFB-Newsline has recently released Podable News, which allows subscribers to download MP3 files of publications and their individual sections, so that they can cobble together a publication tailored to their interests, containing just the preferred sections from different publications. These files are downloaded automatically with free Newsline software, and can be played on the computer (with a media player such as Winamp), copied to an MP3-playing device such as the IPod, or downloaded to some digital talking-book players. More information about Podable News may be found at

3) Here's a source for some free video lectures of university classes:

4) Chip Orange has updated his Window-Eyes scripts for Microsoft Office so that they will work with Office 2010.

5) Ian Humphreys has released BG Crossword Puzzle, his fifteenth accessible game. You can read about it here:

To order the free game, send a message requesting it to

6) David Bales has written another of his free guides, this one discusses how to use Windows Explorer under windows 7. While specifically written for JAWS users, almost all of it applies to users of other screen readers.

7) This Fred's Head post discusses an accessible way to stream Sirius-XM Radio using VoiceOver

8) With the ongoing increase in blind iPhone ownership, we'll be mentioning accessible apps that might be of interest to many. Here's a post about an app that lets you print from your iPhone as well as transfer files to and from your computer.

9) We have yet to mention the digit-Eyes audio labeling system. This iPhone app will cost $29.95 until July 31. It lets you create audio or text labels so that you can use your phone to identify all manner of products. It also reads millions of commercial bar codes from many countries.

10) Speaking of the iPhone, if you find all these different i-gadgets a little confusing, which does what and which might you want, then listen to Anna Dresner on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 27 July at 00:00.

Remember that all Tek Talk programs, including my recent one on speech recognition, are archived within a few days of broadcast at

11) The deadline for applications for this terms courses in the Cisco Academy for the Visually Impaired is almost upon us. If you have good computer and internet skills, and are interested in learning about Building, Maintaining, and troubleshooting PCs or Networks please email for more information on courses offered, pricing, and scholarships.

12) The American Printing House for the Blind is considering making Readers's Digest and Newsweek available for free download. Here is a link to a survey you can complete to show any interest you may have in this idea:

13) Viapple-voiceover is a new mailing list on googlegroups for discussing all aspects of VoiceOver on the Apple.
14) SeroTalk podcast 46 features some interviews from the ACB convention with providers we haven't heard much from before.
15) The editor at Gizmo has updated Probably the Best Free Security List in the World
16) Another article that has received an update is Free Collection of Audio and Video Converters
17) I have no idea if this technique is accessible (let us know if you try it) but here's a Gizmo article entitled An Easy Way to Connect to Any PC Remotely
18) Finally, while we're at it, Here's one called Tips and Tricks to Make Full Use of Favorite Links
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Lynda Online Tutorials

Lynda Online Tutorials
some pay, some free

Online software tutorials - Adobe Microsoft, Apple, and more.
Online Training Library Software training & tutorial video library. 
Online courses help you learn critical skills.
Free access & previews on hundreds of tutorials.
life-long learning. education is power, knowledge creates opportunity, technology should be accessible to everyone.

Job Fair Tuesday

Diversity Job Fair - Tuesday, July 20 - 10am-3pm - Holiday Inn National Airport - Crystal City.

Tuesday, July 20th


Holiday Inn National Airport/

Crystal City

2650 Jeff erson Davis Highway

Arlington, Virginia 22202
Dress professionally.

Bring resumes.

Free Resume Screening Provided by Anointed Words.

Treat the event as if it were an interview.

Free Admission to Job Seekers.

Metro Accessible.

Research each company before attending event to best

know the positions open and the requirements to qualify.