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Friday, December 7, 2007

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74:50 minutes – David Poehlman talks about the LevelStar Icon PDA and the new Mac OSX Leopard.

133:16 minutes – Jerry Marindin from Freedom Scientific talks about the ONYX CCTV.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November 17

Saturday, November 17 -- 168:53 minutes – Ann Walling of the National Industries for the Blind talks about paths to employment. Don Olsen from Virtual Vision Technology demonstrates Keysoft 7.5 which is the latest update to the Braille and Voice-note software, and the Victor Reader Stream, a digital audio player that plays downloadable talking books from the National Library Service along with a number of other formats. There is only an audio recording.

October 20

Saturday, October 20 -- (169:20 min) This session includes a talk on the Verizon LG cellphone (60:00) by Kadisha Telemaque of Verizon, and a demo of Dragon Speech Recognition with JAWS (73:00) by Udobi Ikeji of Aztec Services.

October 6

Saturday, October 6 -- 252:10 minutes – Ancil Torres, Sonia Aslam, and Ryan Jones from the Torres Foundation talk about their services which include Adaptive Technology training, and demonstrate Adaptive Technologies including the Tiger Tactile Graphics Embosser, the Traveler Portable CCTV, and the OPAL pocket video magnifier. Moira Williams from Envision Technology demonstrates the Kurzweil NFB Reader, a hand held scanning and reading system that uses a camera and a PDA to enable the user to read menus and signs by taking a picture of them and then having them read by a synthesized voice.

September 15

Saturday, September 15 -- 151:33 minutes -- Sammie Clay from the Veteran’s Administration talks about Sendero GPS and Plextalk. Patrick Timony from the Adaptive Services Division at DC Public Library talks about Overdrive downloadable audio books, Creative Zen Stone MP3 player, Victor Stream digital audio player.

July 21

Saturday July 21 -- 103:30 minutes -- Paul Demmitt from the Washington Ear talks about their Radio Reading Service and Dial In Newspaper and Magazine Service.

July 7

Saturday July 7 -- 106:31 minutes-- Gail Snider and Bobby Bobo from the Columbia Lighthouse talk about their Employment and Marketing Skills Training for people with disabilities, especially visual impairment. Gail talks about employment preparedness and resumes and recommend steps for getting job ready, and Bobby demonstrates some of the latest Assistive Technologies and how job seekers can use them in searching for employment.

Friday, November 9, 2007