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Monday, June 8, 2015

A selection of announcements from Top Tech Tidbits, available at

1) The monthly AppleVis newsletter, highlighting the most important additions to the site during May, came out right as June dawned:
2) Freedom Scientific is giving attendees at the upcoming National Federation of the Blind convention very favorable prices for JAWS, such as $75 for a copy of JAWS 16 Home Edition, and others:
3) The release candidate for the second update to NVDA for 2015 is now available, with improved handling of MathMl and more power in Excel:
4) Hear about the new features in the Ace Plus standalone reader, now sold by Freedom Scientific, on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 9 June at 00:00:
5A) As a follow-up to last week's blog post on Android camera apps for low-vision users, here is a post on Android camera apps for blind users:
5B) And a podcast on the topic with more informal chat:
6) Thanks to a grant, those on SSI can receive copies of TypeAbility, a typing tutorial that goes with JAWS, for $25. Others can receive it for $50:
7) Freedom Scientific offers free webinars on using Facebook and online shopping sites with JAWS:
8A) Meanwhile, the series on using Window-Eyes with complex web pages continues. Session One has been archived:
8B) And Session Two is scheduled for Thursday, 18 June at 19:00 GMT. Visit this link at the time to attend:
9) HIMS offers a webinar, "Using Assistive Technology to Start or Run a Business", on Tuesday, 9 June at 19:00 GMT. And remember that you can always write to ask what that means in your time zone if you don't know. Register here:
10) Take a listen to Blind Bargains Qast 18:
11) You can now use ZoomText Mac under subscription for $19.95 per month:
12) If you want to take part in a survey to improve the accessibility of LinkedIn, write to:
13) Eyes on Success provides a two-part series on blind musicianship. Episode 1522 is an interview with the head of the Academy of Music for the Blind and creator of both CakeTalking and the aforementioned TypeAbility program. Episode 1523 is an interview on composing and performing music with a talented young musician:

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