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Thursday, June 23, 2011


What is RoboBraille?

RoboBraille is an e-mail service which can convert digital text documents into either Braille or audio files. It is quick and easy to use RoboBraille. You simply send an e-mail with an attached text document to RoboBraille. Shortly after, you will receive the document back from RoboBraille in the specified format - an audio file, for example.
It is free for non-commercial users to use RoboBraille.


The NFB of Utah is excited to announce a new website, allows for community members to view and share video, audio, or written tutorials and information on a myriad of topics regarding blindness and visual impairment.
Topics could include, "How do you use an iPhone with voiceover?"  "This is how I put on makeup every day, how do you?"   "How do you mow your lawn?"  "This is how I downhill ski." 
If you can't find the answer you are looking for, then we want you to ask!  If you have something to share, then become a contributor today!   We know that there are many different ways to do one thing.  For example, I may iron my shirt one way … and you another!  Knowledge is power and sharing is caring!  You can make a difference!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Links from May STTSDC

Assistive Technology Tips and Hints 
Saturday Technology Training Sessions 
List of CSUN 2011 resources 


VizWiz Social
VizWiz Social is an iPhone app that allows blind users to receive quick answers to questions about their surroundings