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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

CAPTCHA Be Gone Solve CAPTCHAs in seconds with a single keystroke Don't let CAPTCHAs stop you anymore! What is a CAPTCHA Often times when signing up for a website, downloading a program, or otherwise using the web you will come across a form which will ask you to fill in the numbers and letters you see above. These CAPTCHAs exist to keep out computer programs. The problem is, they also frequently keep out blind people, as our screen readers cannot read them. Enter CAPTCHA Be Gone CAPTCHA Be Gone is a powerful but simple solution to solve CAPTCHAs for you nearly instantly. Press a single keystroke, and the CAPTCHA is automatically detected, extracted from the page, sent off, and solved in seconds. As soon as it is solved, an audio cue is played, and the solution is copied to your clipboard so you can paste it and keep going about your day. Pricing No matter how many CAPTCHAs you deal with, we've got your back. For $3.50 a month, CAPTCHA Be Gone will solve an unlimited amount of CAPTCHAs. Every single one you come across. Yearly options will also be available. Compatibility CAPTCHA Be Gone will be launched for the Firefox and Chrome browsers first with more to come. It is our intention to be able to offer a service which works no matter which browser you use.

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whin will it b ready?