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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


MyTeleSpace is a social networking site that is accessible by telephone.
To get your own Mytelespace account:
Please Call: 832-999-8600
Live Support
Please Call: 682-710-2525


Anonymous said...

Gordon will not bring mee back on my telespace hee deleted mee I will see if I get a account for or hee will a provit

jeopardy60611 said...

Isn't Mr. Chica involved in this? That guy is a dork!

Anonymous said...

I now have a account on M T S(my telespace)it is 8 3 2/9 9 9-8 6 9 3! on m t s! my telespace @mytelespace for liv support 8/a m thru 5-p.m call sipMeeting on 7-1-2 5 8 0. 5 5 4 4! my telespace. the worlds number1 phone system\network