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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Accessibility hackathon ideas

Accessibility hackathon

The following is a list of products that have been proposed to be built colaboratively at the Accessibility Hackathon at DC Public Library on Saturday, Nov 12, 2011, 10am to 5:30pm, in the Library Lab space and Room 215. Please send any comments or aditional ideas to . Register at:
1. Light weight version of Bookshare for BrailleNote users using the Bookshare API (
2. TTS Twitter client either using Chrome TTS APIs ( See example code at
3. Searchable Repository of 508 Technology Guides. Jamal would contribute zip of content. Could be done in Drupal or Wordpress.
4. Mobile Accesible Book Generator - Scan a book with your phone, type in, speech recognize or OCR the text, keep the images and output an RTF, DAISY 3 text (, or EPUB version, which can be submitted to Bookshare and other repositories of accessible ebooks for people with print disabilities. Particularly useful for children's books which have few pages and words.
5. Mobile App that detects when the person in line in front of you has moved. One idea is to check when the iPhone camera comes out of focus.
6. Mobile color identifier that speaks a smaller set of colors (8 or 16?).
7. Accessible version of Tor
8. Accessible fork of privacy tools at using Android's Accessibility APIs
9. Alphabetic keyboard for beginning level VoiceOver users. The QWERTY keyboard arrangement is a barrier for some users.
10. Facetime Audio description network.
11. Face-Name or Voice-Name recognition Quiz for social networks - a system that would train the user to associate either images of a face or recordings of a voice with the name of the person they belong to
12. VoiceOver Math Equations, Audio Description for Video Programming, instead of audio track, have metadata - pause the screen and get an audio description, searchable
13. App for movie description via iPhone, a collection of inaccessible material made accessible using a mobile accessible format conversion station
14. Something that makes Twitter easier to read - automattically read a stream of information to you, using live regions ARIA Web App, a New Tweet comes in announces it automatically
15. Are there any apps that desperately need to be made accessible?
16. non visual mind mapping app -- structure information present non-visual trees, branching tree nodes, windows explorer - folders, nested folders, tree control
17. An application that integrates with TheMashupApp, a powerful personal database that could work together with #4, #10, #18 and possibly others.
18. an application that makes audio description non-linear, with text to speech, from educational point of view, tagged, with layers of information
19. QR codes could be used to put in an app or provide info to the iPhone, add contacts to your iphone, a QR code on movie ticket, push description to iPhone, embeded in clothing, various object, specialized information, walking directions, signs specialized info pushed to iphone, tactile identification so you know where it is.
20. Any of various tasks that would help out the Adaptive Technology Program like making an accessible interface for Ustream where all the STTS audio and video is stored, captioning those videos, dragon-recognize Victor-Streamed interviews from the beginning of Accessibility Camp
21. an accessible conferencing solution
22. create accessibility templates, wizards
23. an iphone app for Metro Access that shows the location of all vehicles
24. basic, accessible installation profiles for Drupal, JoomLa!, or WordPress. Initial configuration settings, modules, and themes would be selected so as to maximize accessibility. Documentation would be included that explains why each installation profile was built in the ways chosen. Results of testing on WCAG or ARIA guidelines would be included if possible.

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