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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top Tech Tidbits!

1) The Applian Technologies for Blind Users site was created by an enthusiastic user of these recording product for Windows pc's.

2) Jonathan Mosen and Brian Hartgen have developed The Mushroom FM Fun guys Guide to Internet Broadcasting. This is a three-hour 20-minute audio tutorial that will help get prospective broadcasters up and running with all the necessary tools. It is free and available in DAISY and mp3. Choose the Become a Presenter link here:

3) HandyTech has re-launched the Mobile Access Payment program whereunder U.S. residents can buy Code Factory software such as Mobile Speak and Mobile Geo on one-year interest-free contracts.

4) Mark Taylor will present a Code Factory live broadcast on Mobile Geo 2.5 on GMT Saturday, 5 June at 17:00.

5) This Fred's Head post is entitled "What is Computer Vision Syndrome?"

6) The Tech Doctor podcast begins a series entitled "Windows 7 and Mac OS X: A Head to Head Comparison"

7) If you have to use sharepoint at all, here's an excellent article outlining strategies for using SharePoint with a screen reader

8) The .NET framework is an accessible system both for those wishing to write programs and for those running those programs. Jamal Mazrui has written gotNET to help developers help those running their programs ensure that the necessary version of the free .NET framework is installed on their system.

9) EASI will have free webinars in June regarding hardware DAISY players and the PDF Accessibility Wizard.

They have also begun making their webinar archives available to all.

10) Vinux is Linux for the visually impaired, based on Ubuntu 10.04 - Lucid Lynx. It includes a screen reader, screen magnifiers and support for USB braille displays.

11) Rigel Technology offers three of its two-hour, $70 trainings during June. These can usually be purchased for the same price on cd if you can't attend in person. All start at 21:00 GMT: Tuesday 8 June: Google This; Thursday 17 June: Dropbox 499; Tuesday 22 June: Microsoft Office 2010. The only way to register for these appears to be by phone at (888) 723-5011 Ext. 1

12) From Gizmo: You can easily create your own customized program launcher just by making smart use of inbuilt Windows features. This two minute tutorial shows you how.

13) These next few Gizmo items are for the more technically inclined: New Free Sysinternals Tool: RAMMap

14) Find Out What's Been Causing Your PC to Crash

15) Blue Screen of Death Survival Guide: Every Error Explained

16) US owners of the Book Sense can take part in a free 1-hour training on downloading NLS books and placing them on the device. The training will bake place Thursday, June 10 at 11:00 A.M. EDT, 8 A.M. PDT. To register, e-mail placing "BookSense Training Registration" in the subject. The training will afterward be available at:

17) The article "Browse Mode restarting when performing a Google search in Firefox" has been added to the Gw Micro knowledge base.

18) Tobi version 1.0, the DAISY Consortium's open source multimedia production tool, is now available. Tobi produces full-text full-audio Digital Talking Books in the DAISY 3 (ANSI/NISO Z39.86-2005) format.


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