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Monday, May 3, 2010

Tentative Event Schedule for Adaptive Technology Program for May, June and July

Events coming up in Adaptive Services:

May 15th - STTS: canceled because of AccessibilityCampBoston
May 18th - AccessibilityDC: James Chandler - Accessibility Project Management
June 5th - STTS: Adaptive Sports and Recreation, Health and Exercise
June 14th - DCWeek event 6pm to 9pm
June 15th - AccessibilityDC 6pm to 9pm
June 19th - STTS: Accessible Gaming, Serious Gaming, Game Development, related issues, Mark Barlet
July 10th STTS: Employment


chikodinaka oguledo \kismat said...

i will bee there email me or call( so i can bee informed ) 240-421-7868 knfb(reader mobile ) home-house 301-879-5881 or email\address

Chika said...

now thatt my metroaccessaccount is beeing finalized . I will bee at all events at adaptive services division! 9th and g\streets/northwest! washington. in the heart of dc . Count me chikodinaka In