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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Federal Government Hiring Expo

Federal Government Hiring Expo for Indiduals with Disabilities
All Day - April 26, 2010
Frances Perkins U.S. Department of Labor Building
200 Constitution Ave., NW

Please register and post resume on USA Jobs website before hand.

Agencies will:
1. Review resumes prior to the event
2. Invite prospective candidates for interviews
3. Be looking to hire candidates on site

More information at after March 8

ONLY agencies who have openings and are ready to hire will participate.

Pre-Expo webinars on:
• Why Work for the Federal Government?
• Preparing a Resume’ for Federal Employment
• Obtaining Your Schedule A Documentation


mr. mister Chikodinaka Nickkindidm Oguledo,Kismat said...

i chikodinaka wood like 2work 4fedral gov my job is at thats whut is C/H/I? go and findout or call bizness # 301-445-3350 get info email
get thim 2do a stts saturday technology training sessions bring c/h/i 2mlk librsary\adaptive/services+division=room215#

mr. mister Chikodinaka Nickkindidm Oguledo,Kismat said...

i might attend the job\fair/in Eapral 2010 i will bring lots and lots and lots of resumes so i can get hirerd on on the spot! blind people? looking 4a job? In silverspring? Md. rehaband employment CHI/c=h+i Centers Inc. 4phone#s and more info speaking of info go 2email address!

MR. Chikodinaka Nickkindidm Oguledo said...

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Chikodinaka! Oguledo. said...

i can not wight 4my interview? soon!

Anonymous said...

i am happy that i posted my resume 4this event